selected media coverage

Future thinking

“Imagining the future invokes your memory: Why we tend to predict rosy times ahead” Scientific American [Link]

“What might have been and what could be”
Psychology Today [Link]

“Memories of the future”
Huffington Post [Link]

“Scan shows how brains plot future”
BBC News [Link]

“Future plans may rely on memories: U.S. study”
CBC News [Link]

“See the future by concentrating on the past”
ABC News [Link]

“The future you: deja Vu?”
CBS News [Link]

“Brain uses past to peer into future”
Washington Post [Link]

“Thanks for the future memories”
Science News [Link]

“Future recall: Your mind can slip through time”
New Scientist [Link]

“Back to the future: How the brain sees the future”
Scientific American [Link]


“How to make online learning effective”
APS Observer [Link]

“How to make online courses massively personal”
Scientific American [Link]

“Memory: Are tests best?”
Wall Street Journal [Link]

“Online learning: It’s different”
Harvard Gazette [Link]

“Study finds tests cure a wandering mind”
The Boston Globe [Link]

“Tests get high marks as learning tool”
The Globe and Mail [Link]