Karl K. Szpunar

RYERSON University



Research Interests:

The Psychology of Future Thinking

People spend a considerable amount of their waking lives thinking about the future. A primary focus of my research involves using behavioral and neuroimaging techniques to illuminate the cognitive and neural mechanisms that support the ability to simulate the future, and how future-oriented cognitions can help or impede ongoing behavior.


Students commonly experience difficulty in maintaining attention over extended periods of time. This complaint is often accompanied by reports for the tendency to mind wander about personal events in educational contexts. Using both behavioral and functional brain imaging techniques, I am interested in developing interventions (e.g., interpolated testing) that can be used to reduce bouts of inattention and improve learning.

**Our lab recently moved to Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada**

**We are recruiting new graduate students to start Fall 2020**

**Interested applicants should inquire at karl.szpunar@ryerson.ca**

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assistant professor

Contact Information:

O: Jorgenson Hall, 909

P: 314-255-2114

E: karl.szpunar@ryerson.ca

Mailing Address:

350 Victoria Street

JOR, Rm. 909

Toronto, ON M5B 2K5